Special Announcements:



Outreach Ministry: Meets at 7:00pm to 8:00pm for follow up of new members and to pray for them.

Bible teaching
is held here at 6.45pm.  Make a date with us every Tuesday, and you will receive deeper insight into the word of God.

Come and be ushered into a new day by having a fellowship with the Holy Sprit at 5:30am,  Morning Glory.

Royal Ladies, “Arise and Shine.” the women’s movement, Royal Ladies, meet at 6pm to 8.00pm to pray for themselves and their families. All ladies are encouraged to attend.

The intercessory prayer ministry of this church, Pillars for Christ, meets at 8pm. All are welcome.

Join us at 7pm for Friday Miracle Service. Testimonies and Miracles abound at this meeting. Make a date with God every Friday, and your life will never be the same.


The Outreach Ministry, which is the evangelism wing of the church, meets at 4pm to pray.

Christian Services Ministry (Ushers, Protocol Team, Guest Services, and Food Committee), which is our hospitality department, meets here at 6pm to prepare the Sanctuary for Sunday services. To be part, contact Info desk.

Praising Showers (choir) meets at 6pm to rehearse. If you desire to be part of this ministry, please write your name at the information desk.

Pastor’s Armor Bearers Ministry, the intercessory prayer ministry for the Senior Pastor meets at 6:00pm to pray.



Foundation School: Membership classes are held at 8:30 am for all who wish to become members of this church. Graduation ceremony is held after successful completion of all the classes.