Getting connected with a group will enable you to grow in your faith within a small group setting. Find a group you identify with below and register or login to the members area to join.


The men's ministry is place where men within the church and our community meet the last Thursday of each month to discuss men related issues. The main aim of this ministry is to let men live the fullest of their lives as husband, fathers and leaders. This ministry holds quarterly breakfast meetings and invites speakers who talk to them on investment opportunities.


We have a vibrant women's ministry. These women are at their meetings are equipped with the necessary knowledge so they can balance their time in playing their roles as good mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, etc as they pursue their destinies. Their monthly meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month. Speakers at their meetings touch on a variety of issues aiming at empowering the Royal Lady.


Our exciting children's department is equipped with mature spirit filled trained teachers who in patience will teach and care for your children. Our simple but effective way of teaching children has won the praise of our community. Your child has a home in Royalhouse Chapel, MD.


Knowledge is pivotal to the success of an individual. Thus we have a well organized, 12 week class held on Mondays and on Sundays for all who wish to become certified members of this church. After being taught on the basic tenets of Christianity and how to grow spiritually graduates are formally welcome into our church family with an elaborate graduation ceremony.


We have an outreach Ministry whose main objective is to reach the unsaved with good news of Jesus Christ. They are involved in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, street and house to house evangelism.


The protocol department's main duty and to make members and visitors feel at home when they are in touch. They serve as our public affairs ministry on days we are having church services or others meetings.


This ministry is given to providing state of the art sound, audio and video production for the church.


This ministry is made of the various choirs (Praising showers & Royal Voices), praise and worship team and all who play musical instruments in Royalhouse chapel MD. Their dedication and continual desire is to leader God's people into His presence and minister to spiritual needs of people through the medium music has transformed the lives of many.


The two main prayer wings Pillars for Christ and Armor Bearers are given to praying for the Church & her leaders. One of the main landmarks of Royalhouse Chapel MD is prayer; we have over the years seen God do tremendous things in our church because of the sacrifices of our prayer ministry.


The above ministry is given to addressing the peculiar needs of people between the ages of 10-17 and 18-25 respectively. Various programs are organized to make these people enjoy their Christian walk while shunning the lust of this world.


This ministry is like the "customer service” wing of the Church. As a Church that stands for excellence, practical Christianity and human dignity, we proudly guarantee all our members and guests all the care, love and attention they deserve. Hence, our greeters, ushers, hosts and front desk personnel earnestly work to provide a warm, friendly and loving atmosphere for everyone who come to our Church. Basically, we make you feel at home. Furthermore, this ministry is also responsible for providing information to our guests, seating them, handling the collection of tithes and offerings, the administering of communion and many others. Lastly, this ministry provides security for the members of the Church, and ensures their safety whilst on Church property. They also offer security not only to Church members, but also to our guest speakers as well as the senior church officials.