Mission: Touching our generation with the power of God 

Vision/ Overview: The outreach ministry is the evangelistic wing of the Royalhouse Chapel MD mission. We are mandated by the Lord to go into the high ways and bye-ways and reach the unreached. We can achieve this through: Prayer, Tract distribution, Person to person evangelism & Community outreach

Guiding Scripture: Mark 16:15-17

How can someone become a member? To be a member: One has to be born again; Graduate from the foundation school; and Commitment to bible study

Every member is expected to be punctual at all meetings. If for some reason a member will be absent or late the leader must be notified before the meeting. 

When does the Ministry Membership Meet?

We meet every Saturday from 4pm-6pm to pray and go into the community to evangelize. Mondays, we meet from 7pm-8pm for prayers and follow-up new converts. There will be monthly all night prayer meetings as directed by the leader. 

To join the Outreach Ministry email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.